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Many people choose to move to a new location after a divorce to find employment, move closer to family or pursue a fresh start in a new community. When couples divorce and have no children, the issue is moot. When a custodial parent wishes to move to a new location, however, the noncustodial parent may be opposed to the move if he or she has concerns about the impact of the move on the children or the impact of the move on his or her visitation rights.

If you are thinking about relocating or you want to oppose a relocation, protect your rights by consulting with an experienced family law attorney. For help in Northern Virginia, contact The Crawford Law Firm, PLLC. Attorney Laurie Crawford practices exclusively in divorce and family law. She can provide the sound advice and vigorous representation you require. For assistance, contact the law office in Fairfax, Virginia.

Protect Your Rights

Whether you are seeking to relocate or you want to stop a custodial parent from moving with minor children, there are steps you must take in accordance with the law to preserve and protect your rights. Attorney Laurie Crawford can help you understand what steps you must take to protect your rights and pursue your objectives.

By law, Virginia custody and visitation orders must contain a provision that requires any parent who wishes to relocate with minor children to notify the court and the other parent within 30 days. Any parent who moves without providing notice as required by a court order risks losing custody of his or her child and/or other significant sanctions. Similarly, any noncustodial parent who wishes to oppose the relocation must do so in a timely fashion.

Attorney Laurie Crawford practices exclusively in divorce and family law. She has helped many parents who were involved in relocation disputes. Ultimately, the court will consider the best interests of the children, but it is the moving parent's burden to prove that the move will benefit the children. Laurie can help you understand how a court may view a proposed move. She can also negotiate on your behalf to seek a resolution and vigorously protect your rights at any necessary court hearings. You will have a strong advocate on your side at The Crawford Law Firm, PLLC

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