Client Testimonials

A great firm. The firm was very supportive, knowledgeable, and gave great insight on my case. It was comforting to have things explained to me by the firm so I understood what was going on and what the "legal" terms meant. I am very pleased with The Crawford Law Firm, PLLC.  

Laurie was awesome. Would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with family legal issues.

I was very impressed with Laurie Crawford. I had insight from both of them as well as support from both of them throughout my custody and divorce trials. 

Laurie understands the LAW and helped us get to a reasonable settlement between both parties.

Laurie is an exceptional attorney who is well prepared and presents a strong case. Excellent communication and personal skills.

Laurie Crawford helped me significantly with several divorce related issues. I found her to be an excellent and particularly trustworthy Attorney, offering sensible and well thought-out advice. She was compassionate and understanding of my needs, and maintained a strong advocacy on my behalf.

I worked with Laurie Crawford. She was always very helpful, responsive and professional.

Laurie was very informative and willing to give me information when needed! I would definitely recommend her services!

The firm was always very responsive, professional, and never responded as if even the smallest item I had was not as equally important as everything else they had at the time. I appreciated how motivated the firm was in regards to my case and were always very understanding and wonderfully communicative about the process and what actions were a vailable to me, as well as in their opinion what may be the best course to follow. I fully trust their advice.

I found The Crawford Law Firm, PLLC through, where they had several positive reviews. During my consultation, they were very sensitive to my situation. Their price was very competitive. They were perfect about explaining everything and keeping me informed throughout the entire process.

Fantastic lawyer who knows the ins and outs of Family Law. She is very responsive and kept me in the loop during the whole process. She is very professional and I am sure I was represented by one of the best family lawyers in the area.

Good Firm. Business was conducted as promised.

Laurie is a very meticulous and very knowledge able about Family Case law. I have retained Laurie on two separate occasions; 1st when she was a young attorney just entering into practice and again several years later. Each time Laurie provided exceptional legal counsel on two complicated family law cases that would be considered tough "up hill battles". In each instance, her great attention to detail, exhaustive and thorough trial preparation, resulted in favorable outcomes.

Laurie is easy to work with. Listens to me as a client. I have referred her to others.

Laurie is very professional and compassionate. She is personable and competent. No question goes unanswered and her guidance through a difficult time makes the process easier to endure.

Ms. Crawford has represented me for the past four years. I found her to be professional, communicative and compassionate. I will continue to recommend her to friends and family.

Laurie Crawford is an incredibly competent lawyer. She is thorough, insightful, and helpful. This firm is very lucky to have such a wonderful, caring lawyer.

Always responsive in a timely manner. Very willing to answer any question. Communicates well.

Laurie has been a pleasure to work with. She was above average with her knowledge of the laws and offered solid advice during all phases of the divorce process. Her arguments were persuasive, timely and strategic. I would definitely recommend her to any one.

She was very helpful and clearly articulated points, which I had confusion on. I would definitely refer her (and have referred her) to my friends and colleagues who might benefit from her services.

Ms. Crawford patiently answered all of my questions in easy-to-understand terms. She was responsive to my phone calls and emails, returning my correspondence with the answers I requested. She tactfully and professionally interacted with opposing counsel, yet advocated for my /my child's rights. I always felt like she had my best interests at heart and listened to what I wanted, while never pushing a particular course of action. Ms. Crawford is a true professional who communicates clearly.

While my wife and I reconciled, Laurie made me feel that in either direction I would be safe.

Very pleased.