Fairfax Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

A prenuptial agreement is a type of contract entered into by individuals prior to marriage that sets out the manner in which specific financial matters will be resolved in the event of a divorce. Many couples decide prior to marriage to enter into a prenuptial agreement.

While no one wants to enter into marriage believing that it may not work out, there are situations in which a prenuptial agreement may provide significant protections. Because prenuptial agreements can have a significant impact on the rights of both spouses, it is critical that such agreements be carefully drafted, reviewed and understood.

Premarital agreements are often utilized by individuals who would like to protect themselves in the following situations:

  • One of the parties has a larger estate than the other
  • One or both of the parties owns a business
  • One or both of the parties have children from a prior marriage and want to make certain that their children are protected in the event of a divorce
  • Both of the parties are older with well-established or significant property and assets

If you need to speak with a lawyer about a prenuptial agreement, contact The Crawford Law Firm, PLLC, in Fairfax, Virginia. Attorney Laurie Crawford is familiar with the laws governing these types of agreements, and can assist by drafting a document that will protect you in the event of a divorce or death. She can also review a document drafted by another attorney to ensure you are aware of what rights or interests you have and may be waiving.

Protect Your Rights

The laws concerning prenuptial agreements are constantly evolving. While Virginia courts will uphold prenuptial agreements that properly comply with the law, there are a variety of ways that the validity of prenuptial agreements may be subject to challenge.

Prenuptial agreements should be entered into by the parties well in advance of a marriage. Both parties should have sufficient time to have separate counsel review the agreement. A full financial disclosure by both parties is required. Other important factors must be properly addressed.

Attorney Laurie Crawford practices exclusively in divorce and family law, and provides each of her clients with experienced and knowledgeable counsel. Laurie stays informed about changes to the law and works hard to provide each client with quality legal representation. She is pleased to offer her assistance if you require an experienced family law attorney to draft or review your prenuptial agreement.

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